COVID-19 Health Update

As active members of the Yeronga, Cleveland, and wider Brisbane community, we recognise that our neighbours, friends, and fellow business owners are entering this difficult and uncertain time with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image Eyewear and Radley Optical will remain open in the interim to provide essential services to those in our community, as we recognise the value of eyesight for both work and leisure, particularly for those of us in the health care sector. We are still able to assist with broken spectacle repairs as well as new spectacle and contact lens orders, please let us know if you would prefer to receive your glasses via delivery.

Please contact us if you are experiencing:

  • A recent change in your vision, or loss of vision (both momentary or permanent)
  • Any double vision that you have not noticed before
  • Visual disturbances associated with headaches
  • A sore eye, pain, or discomfort, accompanied by a red eye
  • Flashes of light in your vision like an aura or arc in your periphery
  • New floaters or obstructions in your vision, such as a shadow in your field of view
  • A resulting hit to the eye (including foreign objects into the eye)

We hope to reduce the load on our hospitals by being available to see you for triage of these conditions.

We recognise our immense responsibility in providing accurate and factual health information to our patients, and ask that if you are unwell or have been overseas recently that you refrain from attending your appointment with us. Please call us ahead so we can reschedule your appointments or provide assistance over the phone. If you are required to self-quarantine, please continue to stay home.

Our measures in ensuring the clinic is a safe place for our patients who need essential eye care are taken very seriously and our staff members have undertaken strict cleaning regimens with known disinfectants. Surfaces which are frequently accessed by our staff as well as other patients are sterilised between uses.

Image Eyewear and Radley Optical will continue to follow closely the recommendations given by the Australian Government as well as Optometry Australia. We are here to support you in this tough time, but we will get through this together as a community.

From the Team at Image Eyewear/Radley Optical.

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The team at Radley Optical Cleveland and Image Eyewear Yeronga strives to provide the most up to date advice on current eye health research, spectacle frame fashion, and customised lens designs in order to help individuals attain the best solutions for their lifestyle and budget.

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